About Emily....


Emily Joy is a spoken word poet and Midwest native currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband #twitterlessbilly and her cat son Clive Staples Lewis. She grew up adjacent to a series of cornfields as the daughter of an itinerant preacher and the oldest of seven children, and moved to Chicago to pursue her bachelor’s degree in theology in 2009. Following graduation she she released her first EP of spoken word poetry, Dichotomized, in 2013. Shortly thereafter she went on a brief hiatus in the Arizona desert, where she spent a lot of time playing the mandolin in the wilderness and just so happened to meet her husband at work because he was her boss. She then promptly moved to Nashville in 2014, and he followed a year later. Emily and #twitterlessbilly were married in April 2015, and they have been adventuring there along…

…with their best friends and Clive Staples Lewis ever since.

Emily is passionate about asking hard questions and helping others find the words to do the same. She believes deeply in sitting in the stillness at the bottom of the questions without trying to fill it with answers or platitudes. When she is not performing or traveling, she can be found freelancing, teaching Sunday school, cooking, and religiously live-tweeting The Bachelor. Emily competed in the Individual World Poetry Slam 2014 and has performed alongside industry favorites like Micah Bournes, Levi the Poet, Amena Brown Owen, and Chris Bernstorf. She makes regular appearances at open mics throughout the greater Nashville area and plans to remain there for quite a while.


"Everything must burn in order to grow again"

What others have said about Emily Joy…

“Your poems somehow heal me of my cynicism.”

“Disappointed. You believe opposing opinion is bad.”

“You are anointed and talented; everything that you sacrifice to present
truth, beauty, and goodness through your gift is truly a

“I am praying for you to get right with God.”

“You truly do not understand the Bible.”

“I love the way you say the things that others shy away from.”

“You pick and choose scriptures that only benefit you.”

“Seriously wrong and erroneous.”

“All Prodigal Daughters & Sons is absolutely…unsettling.
In a beautiful and raw and wrecking way.”

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste in uncritical service to a cause.”

“All Prodigal Daughters & Sons is a fresh breath of criticism, calling us to question what isn’t working in the church and the norms that keep us in spiritual boxes.” 

“You are squandering your intelligence.”

“Please don’t be so angry and bitter.”

“I don’t know if you are a Christian or not.”