I Am Too Much, and It Is Okay

Category: Personal

This week I had the pleasure of being a guest on my sweet friend and utterly flawless lady Sarah Christine Schwartz’s blog. Sarah is running a series featuring the voices of fabulous women on embodied experiences of womanhood, femininity, female friendship and more in honor of Women’s History Month 2016. Check out my guest post below and the rest of Sarah’s work at www.sarahchristineschwartz.com!


“Like most women, I grew up under the weight of the fear of being simultaneously too much, and yet not enough.

Too loud, too opinionated, too stubborn, too angry, too sad, too troubled, too hard to please, too difficult to love… too much.

Not soft enough, not quiet enough, not submissive enough, not pliable enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, not feminine enough…not enough.

Some women are able to hear these messages and contort themselves into acceptability. I do not blame them. A very large part of me wishes I had been able to do that. Wishes I had been able to fit the square peg of my self into the round hole of what was expected of me by virtue of being a human with particular chromosomes born into a patriarchal society and a patriarchal religion.”