Lion & Lamb Festival
September 17, 2016
9:00 AM
Milan, IL
Camp Milan Retreat Center
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QUAD CITIES, ILLINOIS — September 17, 2016. Musicians, artists, and speakers are gathering now.

The Lion and Lamb Festival is a community of people coming together TO INSPIRE AND TO BE INSPIRED by stories of peace, love, and justice. Musicians, Artists, Speakers, and people of faith are coming to the Quad Cities for a common cause. Come, and Wade in the Water of justice. Free Admission.

Musicians need not play Christian music. They need only to want to use their music to make the world a better place. Music includes themes of faith, questions, justice, and peace.

Artists can come and share their work and place it for sale for those that gather. The only requirement for the art is that it inspires people to think about the themes of hope, peace, justice, and love.

Speakers can share their stories of working for justice. Inside the climate controlled retreat center, speakers will inspire those gathered to get involved. In 2015, speakers talked about such varied issues as immigration, body image, and criminal justice.