Velvet Hustle Reunion Show
March 11, 2017
8:00 PM
Waxahatchie, TX
Studio 516
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Once upon a time, Emily Joy, Hannah Paasch (of Ida Grey) and Annalisa Nutt lived in a little apartment high on a hill in Nashville that was infested with brown recluse spiders and featured carpet older than the three of them combined. There they formed a little-known group act known as: VELVET HUSTLE (which happens to be the name of a beer they drank once). Velvet Hustle mostly performed in their living room, though Emily and Annalisa took 2/3 of the act to several shows in the cornfields of Illinois in the summer of 2015. Alas, Annalisa moved to Arkansas that fall to finish her dream album, and Velvet Hustle was no more.

Until now.

Join Emily, Hannah, Annalisa and the illustrious Alexander Webb at Studio 516 in Waxahachie, Texas, less than an hour’s drive from Dallas, for a (free!!!) evening of poetry, song, jokes, probably whiskey, and definitely the best reunion show you’ve ever been to.