Wild Goose Festival
July 9, 2016
11:00 AM
Hot Springs, NC
Hot Springs Campground
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Wild Goose is a community gathered at the intersection of spirituality, justice, music and the arts. Our main annual event is a four-day, outdoor festival hosted each summer in Hot Springs, North Carolina. We also present smaller, more specialized events in other parts of the country throughout the year.

“Wild Goose” is a Celtic spirituality metaphor that evokes unpredictability, beauty, and grace.

We take inspiration from this concept, as well as many events such as Greenbelt, Burning Man, the Iona Community and SXSW.

We invite you to join us. We welcome you to talk, listen, eat and camp together with us as equals, captivated and challenged by the call of radical humanity, and who seek to celebrate diversity and promote the common good.