Brand New

Category: Personal

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog and my spiffy new website. I hope you stick around for a while and enjoy, engage, and interact. I bet you didn’t know but I have a lot of thoughts about stuff (surprise!), so from time to time I will be posting those thoughts here for your reading pleasure and/or enragement. When I blog, I tend to blog about theology, feminism, justice, current events, and things I disagree with on the internet, which is a lot of things. I also really like to cook and find repetitive chopping of vegetables helps with my anxiety, so you may be asked to endure the occasional recipe post in which I take very bad pictures of my food and pretend to know what I am doing. Whatever led you here, I am thankful for it and hope that what you find is either entertaining, challenging, maddening, or some weird combination of all three.

Thanks for reading!